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About Our Social Squad

About Our Social Squad

About Your Social Soaring Squad

Social Soaring Squad

The Social Soaring Squad Is A Hand-Selected, High-Quality Team That Always Believes That The Client Comes First.

Who We Are & What Makes Us Elite

Read All About Our Social Squad Below. There Is Something Special That We Each Bring To The Table That Make Us Complete. Discover The Values, Vision, & Purpose Behind Everything We Do.

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Vision Statement

We venture fourth to be the most highly-recognized social media marketing company available. We will achieve this through utilizing our pillars of value to deliver a superior service in an extraordinary way.

Core Values

Teamwork – Together we all succeed faster, stronger and happier.

Expansion – Don’t say the sky’s the limit when we’ve put a man on the moon.

Economical – Even when the going gets tough you can still afford your online presence.

Innovation – There’s always a way to do it better – find it!

The Platinum Principle – Treat others the way THEY want to be treated.

How We Came To Be

Born out of necessity, Social Soaring began in 2017 when one of our founders discovered a new life path and passion to boot!! She saw a need in the market to fulfill a digital presence that was both economical and business-savvy.

Now, we’re a digital marketing and branding firm that specializes in social media maintenance. Our clients enjoy economically friendly, hands-free social media growth!

Our Team

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