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John Paul is a Brevard County, Fl native and has lived all over the East Coast as an active duty Coast Guardsman since 2001. After attending a Fortune Builders seminar in January 2016 John Paul realized that real estate investing was an amazing vehicle that would allow him to secure his family’s financial future and give back to the community at the same time. In March 2016 he founded Anchored Homes in the southern New Jersey market and quickly became a local industry leader and social media influencer. In May 2018 he joined MindProtein and further developed his internet marketing skills as he personally coached over 1,100 investors on how to utilize online marketing strategies like social media to drive leads into their business. In 2020 John Paul followed his passion of Social Media for Real Estate Entrepreneurs and joined Social Soaring as a Managing Partner and serves as a Social Media Advisor.

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We're a digital marketing and branding firm that specializes in social media maintenance. Our clients enjoy economically friendly, hands-free social media growth!

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